WellAware- Vision, Hearing, Safety

We don’t always pay attention to our vision and hearing health until there’s something wrong, but there are lots of ways to prevent problems.

Safety is a must at work – there are notices, signs, procedures and manuals.  But at home and in the community, we sometimes need reminders about safety. Some seasonal and year-round tips can help you get started.

Be Well and enjoy the journey!

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As a Brandt employee, we value your health and happiness, both in the workplace and at home. To that end, we’ve launched  the WellAware campaign to employees.  We’ll support you with resources to promote healthy  minds  and bodies, and a balanced approach to life, no matter where you’re at in your wellness journey. Whether you make small changes or big ones, whether you’re just starting or you’re well on your way, we hope this year makes you “Well Aware” for a happier, healthier you!