The Celebration Continues

Brandt continues to thank employees for their contribution to this milestone. Shown here are Brandt Grande Prairie employees posing on a JD Forestry Swing machine following a local Thanks a Billion event.

Employees catch Spirit of Giving

Regina Brandt Employees got into the spirit of giving at the annual Christmas party, and are happy to announce a donation to Hope's Home from the proceeds of a raffle.

Hope's Home is an integrated family centered environment offering Early Learning and Daytime Respite for medically fragile children, their siblings, and children from the community. For more information on Hope's Home, visit http://hopeshome.org.

Gavin Semple with managers before presentation of preloaded Brandt Visa cards

Gavin Semple Acknowledges Employees

Brandt Chairman Gavin Semple says Brandt owes this milestone to a great team of employees. "We couldn't have done it without them."

"Reaching this incredible milestone would have been impossible were it not for the oustanding effort of our Brandt employees. Your committment to delivering value to the customer makes all the difference. Thank you. Thanks a billion!"

To thank employees for their contribution to Brandt's success, there will be $1.3 million in profit-sharing bonuses and preloaded Brandt Visa cards.

Brandt Employees Receive Thanks

As a token of our appreciation, each Brandt employee will receive a special Brandt "Thanks a Billion!" VISA card, pre-loaded with cash to use at any retailer that accepts VISA.