Thanks a Billion Rebates - Customer Terms and Conditions

Earning a Rebate:

  1. The amount of rebate paid to customers is based on promotions in effect at the date of the customer sales contract.
  2. Customer rebates apply to new and never been sold before units.
  3. Rebates are not included in the price of the sold unit. Government and Corporate Business Divisions do not qualify for Thanks a Billion rebates.
  4. No more than one rebate will apply per serial number.
  5. Rebates paid on equipment returned will be charged back to the customer.

Claiming a Rebate:

  1. Customer’s Dealer/Salesperson will be entering the rebate online on behalf of the customer at during the promotional period in effect at that time.
  2. Customer will receive an email confirmation that the rebate has been applied for.

Issuing a Customer Rebate:

  1. Brandt will issue rebates to customers when equipment is paid in full or financing approved and all contract and warranty documentation is completed (by dealer if applicable) and received at Brandt during the promotional period.
  2. When promotional rebates apply, they are paid to customers in the form of a prepaid Brandt VISA card.
  3. Brandt prepaid VISA cards will be mailed directly to the address submitted and payable to the name submitted in the application.
  4. The Brandt prepaid VISA card comes loaded with the value of the rebate applied for. Please treat this card as cash. Brandt is not responsible for lost, stolen or misdirected Brandt prepaid VISA cards.
  5. Rebates are payable to the customer and/or owner of the company who purchased the equipment. Card Payable names that do not match the customer and/or owner must be authorized by the company and/or owner.

Agricultural Products:

  • Rebate is only applicable in Canada and USA and is paid out in the currency used for purchase.
  • If the unit sold is being allocated from future Brandt production, a minimum deposit of $2,000.00 per serial number must accompany documents dated prior to program deadline date.
  • Demo units are eligible for rebates when purchased during the promotional period.

Construction, Worksite and Forestry Products:

  • Customer rebates in effect apply to new items only. 
  • Rental units being converted to sales will apply if purchased during the advertised promotional period.
  • Rebate must be applied for and cash received and machine settled by end of the rebate period to qualify.
  • Thanks a Billion promotions can include rebates, discounts, credits, and savings off purchase price. 
  • Not all products are eligible for all promotions. Speak to your dealer for details and specific terms and conditions that may apply. 

General Terms and Conditions

  • Each customer receiving a rebate is responsible to obtain its own professional advice as to the appropriate tax and accounting treatment of rebates received.
  • Promotion may be modified or terminated at any time without notice.
  • By accepting a Brandt prepaid VISA card, I consent to receive electronic communications from Brandt and its employees throughout the regular course of business. I understand I can opt-out of receiving Brandt commercial electronic messages at any time.